Dalmore     the big field


Emperador Inc, part of Alliance Global Group, Taiwan, bought Whyte & MacKay for £430 million ($726 million) in May 2014.

The deal was perfect in November, 2014. Emperador chairman Andrew Tan: “We are going to officially launch and sell the existing Whyte & Mackay products, especially The Dalmore, Jura and Whyte & Mackay in the Philippines soon“

The Dalmore Distillery is rather unique in many aspects. There was a railway link with Alness Station and also Belleport Pier at the Cromarty Firth which were used for transporting whisky barrels, barley and other material need at the distillery. It was founded by the landowner Alexander Matheson in 1839 amidst fertile barley land. The 1956 built Saladin box maltings were closed in 1981. The spirit stills are equipped with cooling water jackets, they are the only ones in the Scottish whisky industry. The sets of stills are all different in sizes and shapes. Making spirit is a real challenge for the stillmen as nothing is set to standards. The water is supplied by the River Alness from Loch Morie which lies in the hills 13 miles away from the distillery.

The Dalmore was the first distillery to break the six figure barrier in selling one bottle. The Dalmore Trinitas, aged 64 years, was sold at Harrods, London, for 120.000 Pounds and the first whisky to break the six figure price tag in 2011. And the same 64 year old The Dalmore Trinitas bottled in a Lalique decanter was sold for 288.000 Pounds at Sotheby‘s in New York in 2011.

In September 2011 at Changi Airport in Singapore 125.000 Pounds were paid by a Chinese businessman for the last bottle of the The Dalmore Sinclair 62-year-old Single Malt. It was the last of only 12 bottles created by Master Distiller Richard Paterson.  This limited expression was named after Andrew ‘Drew’ Sinclair, who was Manager for many of his 40 years at The Dalmore Distillery.  The Director David Robertson was one of the select few to have tasted the whisky:  “Flavours of honey, Seville oranges, coffee, bitter chocolate, cardamom, cloves, ginger and almonds are all prevalent.  This is a magnificent malt, and I can’t help but feel that the buyer has got a bargain!”

The Dalmore Brilliance 1926 was sold for €250.000,- at Schipol airport in October 2013.

Dalmore's Master Distiller Richard Paterson said: “The buyer of The Dalmore Brilliance will experience a whisky that is flawless and refined with an outstanding Oloroso and Apostoles sherry ‘cut’ from the world renowned Gonzalez Byass bodega.” Dalmore Brilliance is a vatting of rare Sherry cask matured whiskies of 1868, 1878 and 1926.

The above prices make The Dalmore the most expensive whisky in the world.

Distillery Manager: Stuart Robertson (2014)

There is a new visitor centre which was completey refurbished with new reception and tasting rooms. The centre was officially openend in September 2011. The distillery is regularily visited by cruise-ship passengers. The regular tour through the distillery is one of the fastest in Scotland, about 20 minutes only (in 2012).

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Owner: Emperador Inc, Alliance Global Group, Taiwan