Midleton Distilleries


„The Midleton Distilleries complex occupies a 45-hectare site and comprises a number of modern industrial buildings with associated large - scale warehousing. The distillery is involved in the following production activities:

Pot Whiskey Distilling

Grain Whiskey Distilling

Feeds Recovery

Spirit Store and Maturation

The main buildings located on-site consist of the brew house, still house, feeds recovery house, vat house, bonded spirit store, offices, canteen and 34 warehouses. The main utilities on-site are the process water treatment, cooling tower, ESB sub-stations, gas supply station and there is also a waste water treatment plant (WWTP).

The plant operates seven days per week. The annual production capacity, based on a 7-day operation, was as follows in 2011:

Pot Whiskey Line Grain Whiskey                         11.000.000 lires of alcohol

Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS)                                  22.000.000 litres of alcohol

Feeds Recovery / Distillers Dark Grain / Syrup    29.500 t DDG equivalent

The site lies outside the Midleton Urban fringe to the east of the town mainly in a semi-rural area. To the east and south of the site the landscape is dominated by extensive farmlands. To the west of the site are primary and secondary schools and their playing fields. Beyond these is Midleton town. The Old Midleton Distillery, now a Heritage Centre, is located immediately to the southwest. The nearest houses to the site are located on the northwestern boundary behind the weighbridge control room.“

Annual Environmental Report, March 2009. Midleton. Irish Distillers Ltd.

In 2012 the Midleton Distilleries was named Distillery of the Year by the American magazine Whisky Advocat.

Presently the distillery is refurbished and extended to double size its anual production capacity to 64 million litres of spirit. The Scottish manufacturer Forsyths of Rothes worked on three wash stills with a capacity of 80.000 litres each.

The housewarming party The Barrelman‘s Feast was held on September 4th, 2013 to unveil the completely new still room for the production of the pot still whiskey. The old stilll room was named after the retired legendary master distiller Barry Crockett. There will be also an educational facility - a working mini pot still made of glass - to teach distilling Irish whiskey. The Whiskey Academy will be teaching Jameson brand ambassodors, media people and the enthusiastic general public how whiskey is distilled.

The new stillroom is capable of producing 20 million litres of pure alcohol per year.

Irish Distillers Production Director: Peter Morehead (2012)

Master Distiller: Brian Nation (2013)

There is no visitor centre and no access for tourists and whisky enthusiasts. But on the Garden House Tour the tourist may look at the new stillhouse from the outside.

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