Burghead maltings


In 1967 the Burghead Maltings started operation by Scottish Malt Distillers. The industrial maltings were increased from 24 germination drums to 48 in 1971. It became one of the largest European drum maltings.

The Burghead Maltings are directly linked with Roseisle Maltings, there are pipelines exchanging heat and transporting production water.

Fortyeight steeping vessels with a capacity of about 30 tonnes of barley operate in pairs to fill 48 drums with a capacity of 60 tonnes each (see also Port Ellen Maltings).

The steeping duration is 48 hours and the germination period is about 100 hours. Three firing kilns take 120 tonnes of green malt and the other four kilns take 60 tonnes each. The kilning period is about 24 hours depending on the distillery requirements.

Burghead and Roseisle Maltings produces the equivalent of 135 million bottles cased whisky per year...About 25% of the Annual Scotch Malt Whisky Industry Requirement.“  Diageo. The Burghead Group. Factsheet (2005).

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