Roseisle Maltings


The Roseisle maltings belong to the Burghead Group and were opened in 1979.  The annual maltproduction is 27.000 tonnes of malt and the annual barley requirement is 32.500 tonnes. Together with Burghead Maltings Diageo produces 112.000 tonnes of malt or the equivelent of 135 million bottles of cased whisky per year. In total it is about 25% of the annual Scotch Malt Whisky industry requirement.

The Roseisle maltings were opened in 1982 which later included a dark grains plant and a distillery (in 2009). The maltings produce 100 batches per year over 42 working weeks which resulst in 27.000 tonnes of malted barley. The farmers of the region have to supply 32.500 tonnes of high quality summer barley. Barley intake, drying and storage of barley are carried out during the annuan harvest between mid-August through September.

On site the barley is malted in three steps: steeping, germination and kilning.  Roseisle maltings is rather unique to other maltinngs as there are a green barley intake, drying and storage facilities. The barley is brought by the local farmers from the region and tried in combined drying, germination-kilning vessels (GKV). Barley comes in at 18-20% moisture (water content) and is then dried down to 12% moisture content to allow safe storage before malting. About 150 tonne of barley can be taken in per hour, on site there are fourteen 2.000 tonnes storage silos and a large 20.000 tonne flat store. From 30.000 to 40.000 tonnes of barley can be stored and accepted.

The steeping processes 325 tonnes of barley in a single flat-bottomed steep. Everything is automated, the filling, the draining and aeriation. The steep water is from Roseisle‘s own bore-hole.

The steeped barley is germinated in one of the two Germination & and Kilning Vessels (GVK). There is a Norden Giracleur and there conveyors and elevators. the GVK is centrally loaded by a rotating beam with multi-position turners. The turners stir slowly through the bed of green malt every 10 to 12 hours to prevent the growing rootlets from matting and the restriction of airflow. The germination period is about 110 hours. There is also a peating facility. From 325 tonnes of barley Roseisle produces about 280 tonnes of malt.

Roseisle is very impressive.

Site Operations Manager, Roseisle Maltings: Michelle Pizzi (2012)

Strictly no public admittance, sometimes only during Speyside Festival.


owner: Diageo PLC

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